Weight Training
Created on 8/31/2009 by Disciplanner
Negative No
Rotate these days, with 1-2 days rest per week. Do warmup set before each new exercise.

Day 1
4x10 Bench Press
4x10 Incline Bench
4x10 Triceps Kickbacks
4x10 Rope Pulldowns

Abdominal exercises of
3x20 Weighted Ab machine
2x30 Crunches
2x30 Leg Raises

Day 2
4x10 Seated or Incline Rows
4x10 Lat Pulldowns
4x10 Angled bar curls
4x10 Alternating dumbbell curls
4x20 Roman Chairs

Day 3
4x10 Squats or Leg Press
4x10 Weighted Lunges
3x10 Calf Raises
3x10 Hamstring Curls
3x10 Leg Extensions

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