Digital Nature Photography
Created on 11/8/2009 by Mthra
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Purchase or dust off your digital camera.
Learn basic information, I used the following:

  •    How to Photograph Absolutely Everything: Successful Pictures From Your Digital Camera by Tom Ang
  •    The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby
  •    Digital photography unleashed:'s adventures in photography with Jim Miotke (DVD) by Tonal Vision
  • Read photography magazines and other photography books which catch your eye (local library is a good resource). Visit photography websites.
  • Learn to use basic photo-management and editing software, for example, Picasa (free).

Practice Picture Taking:

  • Take trips to locations to shoot photographs.
  • Keep eyes open for picture taking opportunities in your own backyard.
  • Carry camera with you often to catch good shots.
  • Join a photography club and participate in field trips and classes.
  • Share photos online at photography oriented sites, get and give feedback.
  • Learn to use advanced digital photo-editing software, such as, Paint.NET, The Gimp (both free) or Photoshop ($).
  • Display photos in a photography exhibit.

Keep learning and having fun taking pictures.
TheKiller on 1/6/2010 2:41:26 AM
very nice this one :)
Mthra on 1/17/2011 6:01:40 PM
Thank you! :)
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