Home Strength Training - Dumbbells Only
Created on 9/16/2009 by Disciplanner
Negative No
3 Day rotation on, one day off. Only thing needed is a home dumbell set.

Day 1 - Chest, Triceps
4x10 Dumbbell Press
4x20 Pushups - Can increase reps as you progress.
4x20 Leaning Dips*
4x10 Triceps kickbacks

Day 2 - Back, Biceps
4x10 Alternating Bicep Curls
4x10 Leaning Dumbbell Rows
4x15 Alternating French Curls

Day 3 - Legs
4x10 Dumbbell Squats
4x10 Weighted Lunges
4x15 Calf Raises

Note: Leaning Dips - Find the side of a counter or chair you can put your palms on to perform a dip

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