Memorize Japanese Kanji + vocab
Created on 11/11/2009 by kyubi
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Memorize 5 new Kanjis every day.

To properly remember, you should:
  • know how to write it with proper stroke order
  • memorize the conjugated forms of the word
  • master these elements of the word: the kanji, kana, meaning & conjugations
test out words you have previously remembered:
  • take any word in any format (e.g. the kana version) then you should be able to recall the other elements (kanji,  meaning, & conjugations,).
  • if you can successfully complete all 4 forms for the word every time, then you have properly mastered the word.
Grammar should be learned separately and in parallel.
To master basic grammar would take 10-15 hours.

Following this exercise, even if you are a totally new to the language, you should be able to tackle Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 4 (the lowest) in just 5 months.

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