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Created on 11/14/2009 by Copaba
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Conduct an Effective Job Search

This exercise will provide you with the necessary resources to find a job.

With unemployment at 10.2% and jobs scarce, it takes time everyday to hunt for a job. Before you begin your search, make sure to reach out to everyone you know. Your network is your most powerful resource in your job hunt. is a great example of this network. Reach out, ask questions, and prove your value. Once you’ve exhausted everyone you know (and everyone they know) you need to spend a minimum of one hour per day looking for jobs. As the saying goes, looking for a job is a full time job.
These job boards are resources I know to be valuable. You should have your resume and cover letter ready to go. You may want to hunt by bookmarking the jobs you like for now and coming back at a later time (a day later, not week) to apply. Spend some time at every board each day to determine your best fit. Good luck!
Not only a great resource for your own network but also provides jobs on site. The value here: you can see if you are connected to anyone who knows the hiring manager. You may then write to your connection asking them to put in your resume or a good word.
Mediabistro focuses on (you guessed it) jobs in the media industry including sections such as online and new media, PR/Marketing, Book Publishing, Ad Agency, Television and others. It’s a great focused resource for those looking to get into media. It’s also a very popular site in the industry so don’t waste time if you see a job you like.
With his slew of social media posts and resources, Pete Cashmore is unstoppable. Mashable isn’t just a phenomenal social media guide, it’s also a social media job board. Talk about cutting edge, if you’re looking for a job in this exciting industry, the Mashable job section is your destination.
The old standby. I know a zillion people who’ve gotten jobs off Monster. Some, believe it or not in coveted industries like hedge funds. Personally, I’m not too much of a Monster advocate because of the sheer popularity and amount of jobs posted – each job gets applied to at a preposterous rate. However, for this very same reason – the amount of jobs added – it’s worth your time to look.
Simplyhired is an interesting job board. Aside from the catchy name, they seem to be continuously updating their site with new features. Salary tools and employment trends were recently added. The site is easy to navigate and of course comes with a job alert function.

The most important thing to remember when hunting for a job is not to get discouraged. This is a marathon – not a sprint. It’s a long process to find the right fit and in the current market, employers have their pick of the litter. Keep trying, keep applying and you will be gainfully employed before you know it!

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