Refining Skill at Drawing
Created on 1/6/2010 by Disciplanner
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Perhaps you used to enjoy drawing as a child, or took art courses in school, but later fell out of the habit of drawing. Talent at sketching requires practice, like any skill. I have found that the best way to improve as an artist is to make this practice part of my daily routine, the same way a writer needs to set aside time to write routinely. Like a writer, at first I felt "artist's" block and floundered, failing to find inspiration. But what matters is not some elusive artist muse but simple rehearsal of a skill.

Get all the supplies you need so you can't use this as an excuse. Pick your favorite time of day, and your favorite setting to do your drawing. Eliminate all distractions - no TV, cell phone, spouse or kids! Start simple - sketch what is in front of you. Remember the exercises you did in art class - try a basic still life, or sketch an object without lifting your pencil from the page. Set a timer for one hour so you won't cheat, and stick with it even if you feel like you're wasting your time.

Share your passion with others and surround yourself with people who share your love of art. If you're computer savvy, you might scan some of your sketches and post them online so you won't feel isolated and you can get constructive feedback. Most of all, stick with it. If you don't practice your art, you will have to keep starting over at the same level. Unfortunately, your talent won't develop just because you age - you have to work at it!
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