Learn Japanese Hiragana Writing
Created on 1/6/2010 by Disciplanner
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Learn the base symbols
  • Go to the library or go online and get a chart of the hiragana character set.
  • Each day, practice writing one different character by writing it 100 times on a sheet of paper. Each time you write the symbol, say its meaning out loud. (You might want to do this at home or in a quiet place)
  • Create flash cards for each symbol. Draw the character on one side and write the meaning on the other side. Each day go through the entire pack of cards as fast as you can.
Make words
  • Go to your library to get an English-Japanese dictionary with the words written in Roman-ji. I'm using Japanese-English, English-Japanese Dictionary from Random House.
  • Make flash cards by selecting 20 random words and write the Roman-ji word and its meaning on one side and write the word written in hiragana on the other side.
  • After one week, you will have 140 cards. Practice by trying to read the hiragana side. Try to remember the meaning also to build vocabulary.
  • If you have access to Japanese literature, try to borrow or buy a children's book and try to translate it. This is a difficult and very long process, but I found my learning to be much quicker this way.
If you take 1 hour per day and you are serious about learning Japanese, one week will be enough to learn the entire hiragana character set. You can also apply the same principles to learn katakana and kanjis characters.

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