Practice Piano
Created on 1/6/2010 by Disciplanner
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To practice a song on piano, I typically start by attempting to play all the way through first. The speed does not matter. If I have to stop to read the notes, then I will stop. This allows me to get an overall feel for the piece and to identify the hardest areas. Secondly, I will usually break the song into parts. This can be a complete verse (for songs with verses) or it can be most of the two first pages that are visible.

I would then practice the first part until I could play it at an acceptable tempo. If there was a difficult part, I could devote an entire mini-session to nailing the technique for that one part. I would then repeat the process for the remaining parts of the song. Finally, I would try to play the entire song, slowly ratcheting up the tempo until it matches the intended tempo.

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