Practice Typing
Created on 1/6/2010 by Disciplanner
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Typing is not only a way of communication but, it is also helpful for a fast brain flow of thoughts. I started learning to type about 5 years ago. All throughout high school I worked in the office or would pickup small typing jobs for people doing invitations and even some small term papers.

If you want to learn typing I would suggest you start off by getting a computer. I always used free online tutorials but, you can also buy a book that takes you step by step on your learning process.

I would suggest learning the letters of the alphabet first, row by row. Then I would move onto periods, semicolons, parentheses, etc. I would then move to the 9 key. Learning the 9 key, also known as your numbers on the side, is frustrating but, when you actually learn it, you will fly through data!

After learning all of these keys, the last thing you want to move onto is all your shortcut keys. They can take quite some time to grasp but, they really can be used as shortcuts while transcribing something or even just writing your own journal.

Learning the keyboard can be inferior and learning the computer can be worse but, after you learn these things, a lot becomes so much easier.

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