Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills
Created on 1/8/2010 by Disciplanner
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Something that I often try to improve is my interpersonal communication skills.  Although when I was growing up I was shy and awkward in social situations, I've learned that through practice and study I can significantly improve my social skills.  I have a simple three-step program for improving my social skills.

1) Figure out a specific social area to improve and how it can be improved.  In order to do this, I might think back on my previous social experiences to find a weakness.  For instance, I recently realized that when I am in conflicts with other people, I often shut down and don't defend my point of view.  I might also read books on social skills and find areas to improve.  For instance, I might read a book on body language and read how to recognize "open" and "closed" body language.

2) My next step is to commit to practicing and improving that social skill.  In the conflict example, I might commit to being aware of when I shut down in conflicts, and then make myself speak up even when I don't feel like it.  Or in the body language example, I might deliberately check the body language of others during conversations, to see if I can determine if it is open or closed.  This practice should be continued until the new social skill has become ingrained in me, and I do it without conscious thought.

3) The final step of this process is to think back about what I learned during my practice.  Was I satisfied with how I improved?  Did I discover any areas that need further improvement?  Etc.
Once these three steps are completed, the process begins again with me repeating step 1 to determine a new area to improve.
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