Jogging on Treadmill
Created on 1/12/2010 by Disciplanner
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This exercise is designed for the individual who hasn't worked out in several months. You will learn the most effective way to begin losing fat without overworking your body.  If you're willing to put in the gradual work it takes over a 10 week period, this exercise is for you.

Let's start with the basics. Begin by walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes at a time. After walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes, determine how your body feels. The first 3-5 times, you may want to only walk for ten minutes as your entire workout. After 3-5 workouts of walking, begin mixing in light jogging to your routine. Now, your workout should consist of 5 minutes walking followed by 5 minutes of light jogging. During your second week, gradually increase your light jogging to a light run.

Once you are comfortable with the light run, you will be ready to incorporate additional challenges into your routine. By week 3, you should be walking 5 minutes, light running 5 minutes, followed by 5 additional minutes of slightly harder running.  Keep this routine going for your first month. Always keep your first 5 minutes the same - a light walk. During your second month, gradually increase the intensity of your jog to a light run and begin making your last five minutes a bit more intense.

Experiment with what your body can handle. You don't want to overdo it but you want to make sure your pushing yourself hard enough. By week 8, after your first 5 minutes of walking, you should be running at a fairly intense rate of speed. Week 8 should also have you running for at least 15 minutes at a time (after your 5 minute warm up). Week 9 and 10 should place you between 25-30 minutes of running without being breathless. 
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