Improve your road cycling skills
Created on 1/12/2010 by Disciplanner
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There are a wide variety of techniques and activities you can take on to improve your road cycling abilities. During the winter, connect your bike to a trainer, which will make it stationary. Begin by doing intervals and one legged pedaling to keep your pedal stroke smooth. Now that you have a stationary configuration, you can watch television and entertain yourself while you train. 

To improve your balance, ride your mountain bike on trails and in the snow. Your coordination will be greatly improved by adjusting to the changing landscapes.  In the warmer months, ride with a group of cyclists. Riding with the group will allow you to practice drafting as well as how to ride in tight spaces. Every so often, you should commute to work on your bike. The commute will lower your reaction time and will keep you in shape for cycling.  
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