How to Learn Yoga on Your Own
Created on 1/12/2010 by Disciplanner
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Yoga is a way to prepare the body and mind to take day to day pressures in stride with little adverse effect on our physical and psychological health. This involves a regimen which broadly has three different parts.

1.Breathing exercises to help provide the cells and tissues of our body with extra oxygen while cleaning   out toxins the body produces.
2.Light physical exercises that help our limbs to be supple, strong and free from aches and pains.
3.Meditation to achieve tranquility of mind and higher levels of concentration.

Begin by watching an intermediate video available at most health or department stores.  The video will provide you with an overview of yoga and will begin your introduction to this valuable activity. Next, research at least 7 different ways of breathing. You will learn the benefits of each breathing exercise.  A few things to keep in mind as you perform the suggested breathing techniques:

(a) Posture is very important, pay close attention to the instructed posture to ensure appropriate form.
(b) Bending slightly backwards while inhaling and forward while exhaling.
(c) Don't try too hard to copy the trainer, stay within your physical abilities.

Practice the techniques for 30 minutes a session, five days per week. You will begin to see many positive changes in your body beginning at the 3, 6, and 9 month time periods. Examples include increased physical stamina and far greater general happiness!
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