Three Style Necessities for the Everyman
Created on 2/2/2010 by Copaba
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Three Style Necessities for the Everyman

You want to look good but have no aspiration to be GQ’s hunk of the month. There’s a way to find some middle ground. Stick to this simple plan and you’ll be able to impress with ease:

Tide to Go Pen -

You’re out to eat, enjoying a delicious spaghetti dinner when you clumsily drop a meatball (or plate) on your new shirt. No need to panic. Simply break out the Tide to Go Pen and treat the affected area. Evening and shirt saved. This pen is your insurance policy, protecting you from disgraceful eating habits and pricey dry cleaning.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser -

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to beg your girlfriend/mom/stranger to iron your clothes. Or pretend you just checked into a hotel, your shirt is wrinkled beyond comprehension - the only iron is from 1964. Now IMAGINE  A WORLD where you would never need to use an iron again. Downy has made this world a reality. Or, as they put it “Just spray, tug, and smooth any time you need to quickly reduce unsightly wrinkles. No iron needed.”

Brooks Brothers Silver/Gold Collar Stays -
Amazon, more affordable collar stays -
You’re facing a financial quandary – you want to look sharp but can’t afford the $899 shirt at Nordstrom. Collar stays will keep you looking sharp and leave people wondering if you’re worth more than the $2.39 on your bank statement. If you’re a high roller, go for the Brooks Brothers collar stays.

Armed with these three tools, you can feign fashion savvy with the best of them!

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