Practice playing the piano with both hands
Created on 2/22/2010 by Disciplanner
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I have found a good way to improve piano skills.

1. Find a piece of music that you like, and that is not too complicated for your current skill level. (It can have a degree of difficulty for you, though)

2. Play the piece through as best you can with hands together, just to get a feel for it and to see where the difficult areas might be.

3. Next, play the piece through at a slow speed, hands separately. Note the difficult spots again.

4. Work slowly on the difficult spots, hands separately, until you can play them slowly with ease.

5. Once you can play each hand slowly with ease, gradually speed up until you can play each hand separately correctly at the desired tempo.

6. Now, play the piece with both hands together as slowly as is necessary to play through the piece without a mistake.

7. Gradually speed up until you can play the piece at full speed hands together!
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