Five day typing practice
Created on 2/23/2010 by Disciplanner
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One of the most sought after abilities in today's world is typing at a high speed. I have been using a computer and typing for nearly 12 years now. The things I have picked up along the way can be practiced as followed.

Day 1 – Hand Placement
Learn the correct placement of your hands on the keyboard. Keep your fingers on middle row and cover all the keys without moving the wrist at all. An important thing is to know where your fingers are relative to the keys at all times  (position yourself using the small indents on F and J)

Day 2 – Typing Text
Start typing with practice material printed out in front of you. Do not rush it, take your time and try to make as few mistakes as possible.

Day 3 - Dictation
You will need to find someone to help you with this task. The person of your choice will  read text which you then type. Try to keep up the pace as best as you can. Practice looking at the monitor for inaccuracies in your writing rather than the keyboard.

Day 4 - Creative Typing
Think about a subject you enjoy talking about or any hobby that relaxes you. Then start writing creatively about whatever it is that you like.

Day 5 - Software Shortcuts
Familiarize yourself with the writing software environment. Learn shortcuts for skipping words, selecting words, scrolling, as well as other useful shortcuts that improve your efficiency.
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