How to become better at writing
Created on 2/23/2010 by Disciplanner
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These steps helped me:

1. Find things you enjoy writing about.  You won't care much about what you're writing if you don't care about it.  It's best to learn that way.

2. Proofread everything yourself before you use spell check.  You won't learn letting the computer fix your mistakes.

3. Start blogging on a website.  This is great practice for you and you will get feedback in the form of comments.

4. If you are confused about how to use a word, search for it being used.  Don't guess how a word is supposed to be used.

5. Use the proper grammar for the region your writing for.  For example, in the UK, periods and commas come after quotations, unlike U.S written English.

6. Don't use too many commas.  Using too many commas creates a long, dragged out, run-on sentence.

7. Have family and friends read your work.  It might be embarrassing at first, but pre-published critique is essential for your work to be accepted.  I have also used this for my artwork.

8. Don't use crazy synonyms from a thesaurus.  Most people didn't grow up in Shakespeare's time.  The rule of thumb is, if you never heard of the word, 99% of the population probably hasn't either.

9. When the subject idea changes, make sure to make a new paragraph.  It will turn people off reading a big wall of text.

10. Make sure, if you're writing an article, to make an opening and closing statement.  These are just paragraphs to introduce the idea of the article and to add any final thoughts.  It won't feel finished if you don't do this.
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