Golf Plan - Becoming a better putter
Created on 2/24/2010 by Disciplanner
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Learning how to play golf is a time consuming and frustrating process.  However, if approached the right way, you can become a better golfer more quickly than you think.

The key to scoring well on the golf course is short game.  Therefore, it is vital not to neglect this as part of your training regiment.  Start out every practice session on the putting green. Start with three balls and work your way once or twice around the green.  After this, pick a hole and drop 6 balls around it about three feet away.  Do not move on to the next distance until you have made all six putts in a row.  If you have successfully completed this at three feet, move on to five feet, and don't end your practice session until you have made all six of these putts in a row.

Another good way to practice your putting is to have a friendly competition with a buddy.  Play and 18 hole match with a friend.  This will simulate the pressure of an actual round of golf.  don't play with any "gimmees" either, make sure you putt everything out, no matter how close it is.
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