Teach yourself to be a better writer
Created on 2/24/2010 by Disciplanner
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Start by keeping a journal
  • date and time each entry
  • write about what you want, but suggestions are what you did today, thoughts you had, what your plans are for the near future.
  • keep your journal with you so it's accessible for thought
  • feel free to add drawings or photos to your entries
  • your journal is yours, a place for what you want to write

Better your writing skills by reading
  • go to your public library and get a library card
  • read books that are interesting to you, it shouldn't feel like a chore
  • check out websites like Amazon.com that will give you recommendations of other books or authors you might like

Write when you feel ready
  • buy a couple of lined paper notebooks
  • write when you feel comfortable
  • don't be discouraged if you get writer's block, just take a break and relax
  • carry a notebook and pencil or pen with you, you never know when an idea will hit you
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