How to sharpen your music production skills
Created on 2/24/2010 by Disciplanner
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1. Listen to music you enjoy that will inspire you inside to potentially create something. The best art comes from your heart.

2. Write from your heart. Structure a song with a melody in your head and words on paper.

3. Practice your vocal technique. Try singing in a few different ways, pitches, and tones to find one you're comfortable with.

4. Record yourself singing and practice different vocal techniques to find a niche that suits you and your personality best.

5. Once you're confident, comfortable and satisfied with your vocal ability, look into various music production programs such as Audacity, Kinetic 2, and Sony Acid Pro.

6. Learn the ropes of these programs and create a beat, a melody, a hook - whatever comes naturally.
7. Cater the melody of your lyrics to the sounds of your beats.

8. Once you have basic beats laid down, you or another musician should experiment with instruments such as guitar and piano to accompany your digitally-produced beats.

9. Let your mind and heart take the lead. If you love your music, that is what truly matters.
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