Cycling Exercise Plan
Created on 2/24/2010 by Disciplanner
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I have recently moved to a rural area where there is little traffic, the land is extremely flat, and there are miles and miles of scenic back roads. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to get back to doing something that I loved to do when I was younger - riding a bicycle.

Since it had been a long while since I had done any serious cycling, I decided that it would be best to get back into it gradually. So, here is the plan I used.

1. I decided that my goal was to be able to do a 10 mile (round trip) comfortably.

2. To work up to my goal, I made a list of scenic destinations that are 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, and 5 miles (one way) from my home.

3. I started with a one mile round-trip twice a week, and did that for two weeks.

4. After that, I increased the distance to a two-mile round trip twice a week for two weeks, then a three three-mile round trip twice a week, for two weeks, and continued to increase the distance every two weeks until I could comfortably do a ten-mile round trip.

Now that I've reached my goal, I try to do one ten-mile round trip ride each week (weather permitting) and one other shorter ride during the week. I feel great, and I'm glad that I made the effort to do something that is both enjoyable and healthy.

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