Practice being social
Created on 2/25/2010 by Disciplanner
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To get good at socializing is difficult for some people. Many can think this is a gift, either you have it or not. But, as any other skill, it can be practiced and improved.

The first thing you must do is to get out of your comfort zone. If you are not good at socializing, then the easiest thing to do is avoid any social opportunity. But you must overcome that natural tendency and 'force' yourself to take that opportunity.

One thing that helps is saying 'yes' to any social opportunity without even thinking about it. That way, you will feel obliged to go to that social event to avoid the embarrassment of changing your word.

Once there, try not to impress anyone. You are not there to win the hearts and minds of everyone you meet, but just to meet people. Talk about subjects you know and like, and don't worry; your tastes are not generally more awkward than those of the rest of the world.

Find some 'starting phrases' that can help you with beginning conversation with people, like 'Is it your first time here? It's mine'. Most people will be happy to help you with the specifics of the occasion you are in.

Listen, and then talk. Your nerves will make you talk a lot, but try to listen and then talking. That way, you will feel more comfortable and you could find some items of common interest with the person you are talking to.

After that, keep a diary of the good moments. Even if it was a complete disaster, you will have some good moments. Write them down and, when you have the temptation of avoiding social contact, read them so you get a morale boost!
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