Learn to paint with acrylics
Created on 2/25/2010 by Disciplanner
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The process of teaching myself to paint with acrylics has taken years, and has gone through many stages.  Fortunately, I was not inhibited by the notion that there is any right or wrong way to create art.  I started out by using pattern, including embroidery patterns.  This was before the age of personal computers, so enlarging or reducing the images to fit my surfaces was a challenge and required trips to the copy shop.  I did a lot of tracing and color booking.  

Then I enrolled in a folk art painting class, where I learned to do brush strokes.  This added a bit of originality to my work.  With the advent of photoshop, I began to paint from photographs, tracing the images on canvas for the first time rather than painting on wood and gourds.  I was tracing the barest suggestion of an outline and really learning to fill in detail on my own.  My latest endeavor is to teach myself to draw.  The process is ongoing.
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