Beginner Flute Practice
Created on 2/25/2010 by Disciplanner
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     Purchase a beginner flute if you are first starting out. Take out the mouthpiece first. Practice adjusting your lips on the mouthpiece and begin to blow fast air through it. Once you can produce a sound, add the two other body parts of the flute onto the mouthpiece.

     Play a middle G for as loud and as long as you can hold it. Do this a couple of times before you move on to a higher note, then a lower one, chromatically. Then, try to do it as soft as possible. Once you mastered this, move onto crescendos and decrescendos.

     To practice staccato notes, puff out short breaths of air first without the flute. Then, with the same sensation, blow into the flute. Remember to use your diaphragm muscles. Make sure to practice double and triple tonguing with scales and running note exercises.
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