Exercise with Wii Fit
Created on 2/25/2010 by Disciplanner
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I regularly play on my Wii Fit, it's a nice way of keeping in shape during the winter months or when I simply feel like staying inside.  Practicing on it is very simple, it even helps you and encourages you to your goals.  Choose a time in which you're free during the day for at least half an hour to an hour, and devote that time to exercising on the Wii Fit.  Get your balance board out, make space, and get ready to start!  Try mixing up your exercise regimen, as to not tired of using it.  

I start up with the yoga exercises, to stretch out my body before any workouts.  This is a very good way to begin, as it'll help you become more balanced and while doing your real workouts won't feel as tense and stressed. Next, I will move onto the strength or calorie burning exercises, whichever I feel in the mood for, and train on that.  Then I move onto the next one. After I've had a decent workout from both of those, I play some of the balance games. These are a great break between workouts! They are different in the fact that they're actually games and can be fun instead of a chore to do in some cases.

All in all, within my 30 minutes to an hour of workout, I try to fill my Wii Fit piggy bank to 30 credits or more before giving up, that's my daily goal, even if I can't devote all that time at the very moment. Doing this everyday makes me feel much more balanced, much more in shape, and much better about myself - I hope it will make you feel this way too!
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