Learn to Create 3D Objects
Created on 2/26/2010 by Disciplanner
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You can learn to make very intricate animated 3D objects by starting very simply. There are free virtual worlds that offer 3D programs for use, as well as free-trial downloads you can explore. Once you become comfortable with creating and manipulating basic objects, more complex designs will come easily.

1.    First, get comfortable with the controls of the 3D design program. Then, stay with the basics outlined below.

2.    Create a simple box. Use the controls to move it around in the design space. Find the control that will re-center the object in case it moves out of view of the screen.

3.    Paint each side of the box a different color or texture. Manipulate it around the design space again to see how the sides revolve as you gain experience with moving it. This is an important skill for being able to handle more intricate object designs later on.

4.    Increase and decrease the size of the box. Altering the size of a simple shape makes it easy to take and add copies of it onto your original design element.

5.    Make a copy of the box when it is a small size. Then re-size the original to full size, and paste in the copy of the small version. Try to move the small box over to intersect with the large box.

6.    When the small box is sitting on part of the larger box, increase the length of the small box. Save the file in the correct extension for viewing, and upload it to the world.

From this simple beginning you will quickly be able to learn how to re-size and alter basic shapes into objects that can be very complex and animated.
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