Practice Playing Pool
Created on 2/26/2010 by Disciplanner
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There are many sports and hobbies out there, but pool is certainly one of those which is based on more than just skill, requiring not only the proper technique of hitting the ball, but also coming up with ideas of continuing plays. In order to improve your game of pool, apply as often as you want the following tips.

1. Take some time before the actual games to practice a few shots that are likely to come up from as many positions and ball placements as possible. This will help you a great deal in confidence later when playing against tough or not so tough opponents.

2. Learn the various ways of holding the cue, as well as the endless possibilities of supporting it with your weaker hand. Thus, you will be able to adapt to whichever situation might arise.

3. Learn to correctly apply English on the ball to obtain your desired results, not to mention the effect on the crowd watching or on your shell shocked opponent.

4. Always play cool and never let your emotions get in your way. What this means is that if your opponent has pulled off some great shots, you shouldn't get angry, lose your temper and take each shot at full strength.

5. Always think ahead. The shot you take now is only as good as the position you're in for the next one. Manage to do this and your vision over the table and the game will be greatly improved.
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