Created on 2/26/2010 by Disciplanner
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Being able to memorize and recall is a skill and needs a lot of practice. Some people are blessed with excellent ability to grasp and retain information, whereas some others need to read, listen and repeat the information to be able to retain it in their memory. Here are a few ways that can help.

Firstly, always make sure you understand the subject you are reading or listening. This way, it is easier to remember, as you know what the matter is pertaining to.

Next, try to relate it to something that you are extremely familiar with so that every time you tend to forget, you will find it easier to recall.

The best key to building up a good memory is continuity and repetitiveness. When your brain receives the same input repeatedly and in a continuous organized manner, its ability to perceive, retain and retrieve the information as and when required improves a great deal.
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