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Created on 3/1/2010 by Disciplanner
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I'm a big fan of poker, but for the longest time, I was terrible at it. I'd play, and do my best to learn from my mistakes, but as much as I would try, I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. My issue at that point was that I was playing online, and not really getting into it as much as I should. I decided to change this. I purchased the literature on the subject, made my budget, and began playing three times a week.

See, I realized that I wasn't going to get better at reading situations by playing online. I read on theories of how to bet, and when to fold. I watched people's faces as they bet, how they moved and acted, to better learn how to read people. And I lost. A lot. I figure I lost nearly five hundred to a thousand dollars before I began to truly learn how to play. Since then though, I've made several thousand just by carefully controlling my impulses, and playing like I know I should. I play twice a week still, which is key. If you don't keep playing, you lose your ability to read people. I people watch during the day, at work. Watch their faces as they talk, and have gotten good at knowing when people are lying, and most importantly I've become better at risk management and analysis. Poker teaches you much about life, and life can teach you a ton about poker.
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