Painting Exercise
Created on 3/1/2010 by Disciplanner
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Well I've been an avid fan of painting and sketching since I was in prep school, but being fond of something doesn't necessarily make you good at it. The key to mastering a discipline such as painting is by practicing it professionally and regularly.

The first step to becoming a good painter is by mastering sketching, because without a good sketch you can't end up with a good painting. From this you can see that you must first practice sketching, this opens up the hands and brings “flow” into your work. Practicing how to sketch isn't that difficult, just pick up a picture or a “reference” as it's properly called and try to copy it, first work on the outlines and then start adding details. Keep on practicing with different references.

Once you've got a grip on sketching you can start work on your painting. I use water colors, and many say that this is the most difficult medium to work with because you need to be really quick with it and it doesn't forgive mistakes. The art to perfecting water painting is first learning how to blend the colors, flow the colors and make them able to merge together. Do this by dampening the paper by taking a damp brush and running it along the area you want to work in. Then, take the color you want to use and apply it lightly to blend it in. Add some more water on the paper so that the edges of the colored patch blends outwards. Practice this technique because it's the foundation of water coloring.

After you've managed one color increase the numbers of colors used and try to create different tones by blending. Continue practicing this and when you're confident of sketching ability, start coloring your sketches.
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