Improve your golf game
Created on 3/1/2010 by Disciplanner
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Joining the PGA Tour is something that few people will ever achieve, but with a diligent practice plan, most people can develop the skills to look good, play great rounds, and have fun with the game of golf.

If you are new to golf, the first thing I'd suggest is to take a few lessons.  Rather than improving your bad technique at the driving range or on the course, an instructor will help get you moving in the right direction.  Group lessons are an inexpensive way to get started, but you might consider upgrading to a few private lessons where an instructor can focus his or her time and attention on you.  Consider getting a recommendation from your friends for a good instructor, as quality of instruction can vary greatly.

Next, be sure to practice whatever you learn.  Some people just hit the golf course and never practice in between, but if you really want to improve, you need to practice.  You probably want to spend more time at the driving range than on the course itself, as it's very hard to practice during an actual round of golf.

When at the driving range, emphasize quality over quantity.  You'll see some people at the range banging away at hundreds of balls without rhyme or reason.  Don't do that.  It's better to hit a smaller number of balls but be methodical about it.  Vary the clubs you use, so you get practice with different ones.  And be sure to pick targets on the driving range with each shot you take, so you get a sense for how accurate your shots are and can make adjustments if you're off base.

Also, be sure to spend an equal (if not greater) amount of time practicing your short game.  Ever hear the old adage "drive for show, but putt for dough"?  Well, it's true.  To really score well in golf, you need to chip and putt well, and that part of the game is really about touch and feel around the greens.  To develop touch and feel, it takes practice.  Most driving ranges have a short game area where you can practice your putting and chipping.  The best part is that these areas are usually free, so make the most out of it!
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