Adopting a Family Healthy Eating Plan
Created on 3/3/2010 by Disciplanner
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Switching your family to a healthier way of eating starts when you prepare your grocery shopping list. At first you might have to make more trips than you are accustomed to since you'll want to include more fresh items and fewer frozen and processed foods. Learn the grocery store layout - stick to the periphery of the store because that is typically where you'll find produce, dairy, and fresh meat.

Next, target your children's school lunch menu; if the meals in the school cafeteria aren't nutritionally balanced or your kid turns his nose up at them, start packing lunches that include kid-friendly items. Healthy veggie and fruit munchies plus lean meat and yogurt makes a great staple menu. Clean out your cupboards and fridge of all that junk; a clean cupboard or refrigerator will be much more inviting and by starting from scratch you can be sure to add only healthy items. Now when you open the fridge you should see clear containers with ready-to-eat fruit wedges and veggie sticks!

Next, set aside time to make at least one meal a day from scratch; get a recipe book of 30-minute healthy menus and keep staple items in stock so you won't have any excuses. Buy good non-stick finish cookware so you won't have to use lots of oil to keep foods from sticking. Get out your crockpot and make big pots of healthy soups and stews, then freeze leftovers for instant meals. Good Luck!
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