Mastering the Saxophone
Created on 3/3/2010 by Disciplanner
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Learn the Basics
  • Get the right equipment. Student models are not always the best choice. I would recommend the Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone or similar, as the professional models last longer and you sound so much better on them.
  • Although it's not necessary to be able to read notes, it's a big plus especially when you need to start playing with other musicians.
  • Practice without the saxophone first. Using just your mouthpiece with or without the neck, try the staccato beats to get your embouchure, tongueing and breathing right.
  • Practice your long tones. You can do scales or triad progressions. Daily is good but once a week is OK.

Play, Play and Play!
  • Practice on songs you like. Play along to the melody of your favorites. See if you can copy the solos. See if you can improvise with your own solos.
  • Form a band.  Jam / practice often! Once or twice a week should be enough to maintain your edge.
  • Find gigs for your band. Once a month should be the minimum to keep you in shape.
Jen on 5/18/2010 2:39:00 PM
Depending on the style you want to master, there are specific resources you will want to incorporate into your practice (Improvisation vs. classical training, for example)
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