Plan for becoming a Knitting Fool
Created on 4/6/2010 by Disciplanner
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Phase One

1.Head out to your local yarn shop. You could also head to a Michael's Crafts or other big chain shop if  there are no local yarn stores in your area.

2.Proceed to look at and touch any and every skein of yarn you find there! Pick a yarn that speaks to you, where you just get lost in the colors and the softness. I suggest choosing a natural fiber in a worsted/chunky weight as it will be easier to learn on.

3.Purchase a pair of needles, size 8-10. Any of these three sizes are pretty easy to hold and learn on.

4.Go home and search out an easy scarf pattern on the net (there are hundreds out there, one trip to google and you'll be set!).

5. Cast on (you can find text descriptions on the web, as well as videos on youtube of how to do this.)

6.Knit furiously for hours until you have a completed scarf that you can wrap around your neck.

7. Take a look at your work and admire the effort, even if it looks like a long licorice rope with twirls and puckers. This is your first project and no matter what it always will be. Be proud!

Phase Two

1.Back to the yarn shop.
2.Buy more yarn, and this time maybe a copy of a knitting magazine, pattern book, more needles, oh and of course that swirly colors skein that you saw last time but didn't want to waste on a first project.
3.Now you're home, cast on enough stitches for your first hat. (A hat is a great second project!)
4.Knit furiously, so deep in concentration that you'll have to ask your spouse who was voted off American Idol, because you missed it while you were counting stitches!
5. Finish your second project and wear it proudly the next time the temp drops below 70 degrees.

Voila: You are now a Knitter!!

To become truly obsessed, repeat these steps over and over until you (and all your friends and family) have a complete wardrobe of hand knits, and your own personal yarn/needle/book stash threatens to take over your home.
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