Walking Plan
Created on 4/6/2010 by Disciplanner
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Begin to make walking an important part of your daily activity.
  • Start by making yourself walk a little each day.
  • Buy a pedometer so you can see how far you walk. Increase the amount each day.
  • Instead of driving to do daily chores such as grocery shopping, walk to the store. If the store is too far away, park your car a couple blocks from the store and then walk to it.
  • Get some walking videos (e.g. Walk Away the Pounds), and use them when the weather does not allow you to walk outside.
  • Go online and search for some geocaching sites in your area. It helps make walking more fun when you are out searching for something. You can use you GPS to input the coordinates and then go search.
  • Walk to explore your neighborhood. Look at how people decorate their yards and the exteriors of their homes. You might not notice these things in your car. It gives you a purpose for walking and makes it enjoyable.
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