Practicing magic tricks
Created on 4/6/2010 by Disciplanner
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A personal interest of mine is performing magic tricks for friends and family. Although magic tricks may have a reputation of being dorky, nobody can argue that a good trick executed well will bring smiles to even the hardest of hearts. But as with all things that are done well, natural skill will only take you so far; the rest is practice. Here are some things I do to prepare me for a good magic trick presentation.

1.) Practice in front of a mirror, always. Practicing in front of a mirror lets you see what your spectators see. It will help you catch mistakes in your handling.

2.) Develop a good presentation or story to go along with your trick. A good story or presentation captivates an audience just as much as the trick itself.

3.) Practice, practice, practice before your presentation! I usually practice a few weeks, maybe three times a day, before I ever show a trick to someone. I've spent too much time and money to impress family, friends, or strangers and the last thing I need is fumble a trick and have them figure it out because I didn't practice enough. The handling and presentation should be second nature. I also don't want to feel embarrassed.

4.) Videotape yourself and watch the tape to see more naturally how the trick will look to your spectators from their perspective. Believe me, this helps a lot!

5.) Lastly, Believe in yourself. Your audience will not believe they are seeing something special if they feel you are not confident in your abilities. Practice for someone you trust first so they can give you feedback if you need to build confidence. My fiance is my go to person.

So remember, you're putting a smile on someone's face by showing them that the impossible can be possible. A smile is worth your hard work and patience.
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