What is the cost of using Disciplanner?
The basic account is free. Check out the pricing page for cost of premium subscriptions.
Why does my public exercise look different than what I have in my account?
High traffic exercises are edited for formatting and layout.
When will the application be out of beta?
ASAP, but it takes a while to work out all the quirks in a new system.
Will there be an iPhone application? I'd like to add my repetitions on the go.
The Disciplanner iPhone application will be released in the coming months.
I have a really cool idea for a feature. What do I do?
Feedback and ideas on the website are always appreciated. Send an email to feedback@disciplanner.com
Whoa! I don't think this is working how it's supposed to...
Ooops, for any bugs or errors please send an email to support@disciplanner.com