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Use this page to view and manage your exercises and set the amount of time committed to them . Exercises can be both something positive, like guitar practice, or negative, like watching TV.
Action Name Description
Add Opens prompt to create a new exercise.
Cancel Cancels changes to exercise during edit mode.
Delete Delete the currently selected exercise. This will also delete all the repetitions milestones, and statistics associated with the exercise as well.
Edit Allows modification of exercise information.
Save Saves changes made during edit mode.
Field Name Description
Active Use this to set if the selected exercise is active or not. Marking an exercise as inactive will filter it out in your repetitions, milestones, and statistics page.
Commit The total amount of daily minutes you are committing to put towards a goal or limit a bad habit.
Created Date the exercise was created.
Description Specific daily routine that you are performing for the exercise. Try to be as specific as possible, but can be a short description too.
Negative This sets whether or not an exercise is positive or negative. For positive exercises you are trying to meet or exceed the daily commitment minutes you are putting towards them. For negative exercises you are trying to limit yourself to stay under the amount of allotted daily minutes.
Public This submits exercise for approval so that it will be visible and searchable by other users. Please note that only more detailed exercises will be approved.
Tags Groups to categorize your exercises in. Helpful in searching for an exercise if it has been made public. Separate multiple tags by comma.
Log of minutes that you have put towards your exercises. Save multiple repetitions per date.
Action Name Description
Add Add new repetition by either dragging the exercise or clicking on the blue arrow next to its name.
Change Date Change date to view repetitions for.
Delete Delete a repetition by clicking the red X on the far left column.
Save Save any changes made to the repetitions.
Field Name Description
Minutes Total minutes put toward an exercise.
Notes Short note of what was done during the repetition.
Milestones are important goals that you want to reach.
Action Name Description
Add Add new milestone by either dragging the exercise or clicking on the blue arrow next to its name.
Change Completion Status Change milestone completion status by clicking the star located in the completed column.
Change Filter Change the filter for displayed milestones. Can be All, Open, or Completed.
Delete Delete a milestone by clicking the red X on the far left column.
Save Save any changes made to the milestones.
Field Name Description
Date Added Date the milestone was added.
Date Completed Date the milestone was completed.
Name Name of milestone.
Save personal profile information and select custom settings for planner tool.
Action Name Description
Add Flair Go to page where you can get code to add a Disciplanner badge to personal websites or blog.
Change Password Allows updating user password.
Change Picture Link to Gravatar service that sets user profile image. Gravatar picture is linked with your email address.
Save Save any changes made to user settings.
Field Name Description
Hide Profile Picture Hide user profile picture from display even if you have already set one up through Gravatar.
First Day of Week Change your preference of first day of week. Used for calculations in stats page.
Receive Newsletter Check if you would like to receive periodic email newsletters.
Show Boosts Check if you would like to allow other users to post boosts to your profile page.
Show Minutes Check if you would like allow other users to see monthly minutes in profile page (on by default).
Get a report of your repetitions for a selected date range.
Action Name Description
Export to CSV Export current report to comma separated value file that is viewable in Excel.
View History Return repetitions history report for selected date range.
View statistics of minutes put towards your exercises.
Section Name Description
Exercises Last 30 Days Pie chart of minutes put towards exercises in last 30 days.
Exercises Last 180 Days Pie chart of minutes put towards exercises in last 180 days.
Exercises Totals Total hours logged, broken down by individual exercise.
Minutes Last 30 Days Bar graph of minutes logged in last 30 days. Positive exercises appear as blue bars and negatives as red.
Weekly Plus/Minus How ahead or behind you are in your commitments. This is calculated per day, and will reset each week. Totals column will appear red when you are behind in your commitment to a positive exercise or over your limit for a negative. It will appear blue when ahead on minutes towards a positive exercise or under your limit for a negative.