Points System
The points system is used to show what users are the most active on Disciplanner.com. There is no monetary value to points, hopefully there is enough value from Disciplanner in how it helps you track your goals. The following is how points are awarded.

Award Value Description
Completed Profile 25 Profile is completed entirely.
Daily Repetition 1 Did at least one repetition for the day.
Exercise Down Vote -2 Public exercise is downvoted.
Exercise Up Vote 5 Public exercise is upvoted.
First Milestone 1 First milestone added.
First Repetition 1 First repetition performed.
Public Exercise 20 A public exercise is approved to be viewed by other users.
Public Tool 10 A submitted tool is approved to be viewable by other users.
Tool Down Vote -2 Tool is downvoted.
Tool Up Vote 5 Tool is upvoted.
User Added Your Exercise 1 User adds public exercise to their gym.