What people are saying about Disciplanner.com...
Disciplanner allows you to make categories both for positive and negative habits. Want to exercise more and watch television less or spend more time reading and less time playing video games? You can create a category for the positive behavior you want to encourage and the negative behavior you want to extinguish.
Lifehacker - 11/11/2009
The whole setup is very nicely done and very fast and simple. It’s free to use and could be very useful for those who have a goal and want to get working on it rather than working on a “plan” and a calendar or graph.
Scommerce.com - 10/15/2009
Here’s one site that can help you jumpstart your new year's resolution early, if you need to get to the gym, or maybe you want to perfect your Japanese sword fighting skills – enter Disciplanner.com! The site combines many of the best online tools for time management and goal tracking. Added bonus, the service lets you decide just how much brow beating you actually need to get the job done. It also helps you track your progress along the way and best of all, it's completely free.
Discovery Channel - 10/14/2009
Disciplanner allows you to set concrete goals for yourself and track your momentum towards them without nagging you about it and without making you feel guilty for deviating from the course every now and again. Since Disciplanner allows you to measure your positive behaviors and your negative behaviors, you can see how well you're doing at any time with a single click.
App Scout - 10/14/2009
The greatest thing about Disciplanner is you can record all your daily/weekly goals on it, forming a timetable. At the end of every day/week you can keep your activities in check and make sure your practices have been in accordance with the goals you set for yourself.
A New Morning.com - 10/5/2009
Disciplanner is a web service for setting and tracking your long term goals along with your bad habits (doing nothing, watching TV etc). The app is really easy to use and doesn’t require detailed scheduling routines. Just register on the website, define your weekly commitments with the times you are going to spend on them each day and record the progress as you go along.
Makeuseof.com - 10/3/2009