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Soccer is a game that focuses on running speed, stamina and of course technique, i.e. controlling the ball. Apart from tactics, team play, group motivation, these are the individual parts that let you stick out from other players. The best players in the ... read more
User CreatedWeight Training
Created on 8/31/2009
Rotate these days, with 1-2 days rest per week. Do warmup set before each new exercise. Day 1 4x10 Bench Press 4x10 Incline Bench 4x10 Triceps Kickbacks 4x10 Rope Pulldowns Abdominal exercises of 3x20 Weighted Ab machine 2x30 Crunches 2x30 Leg Raises D ... read more
3 Day rotation on, one day off. Only thing needed is a home dumbell set. Day 1 - Chest, Triceps 4x10 Dumbbell Press 4x20 Pushups - Can increase reps as you progress. 4x20 Leaning Dips* 4x10 Triceps kickbacks Day 2 - Back, Biceps 4x10 Alternating Bicep C ... read more
User CreatedPushups and Crunches
Created on 9/16/2009
Alternating days at least 4 days a week. Start with less or more pushups per set depending on prior fitness. Increase reps per set as comfortable. 5x20 Push-ups 3x25 Crunches 3x20 Leg Raises 2x20 Sit-ups ... read more
User CreatedRunning
Created on 9/17/2009
Two day cycle at least 4 days a week. Day 1 2x1.5 miles fast paced run Day 2 1x1.5 Mile slow run 6xHill sprints 3 minute cooldown ... read more
User CreatedPiano
Created on 9/29/2009
Play Alfred's Book 1 ... read more
User CreatedDrawing
Created on 9/29/2009
Learn to draw using drawing on the right side of the brain book. ... read more
User CreatedWalking
Created on 9/30/2009
Go for a walk for 30 minutes a day. ... read more
User CreatedProgramming Reading
Created on 10/1/2009
Read these books Code Complete - Steve McConnell Mythical Man Month - Fred Brooks Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - Abelson, Sussman Design of Everyday Things - Donald Norman Programming Pearls - Jon Bentley The Non-Designer's De ... read more
User CreatedLearn Spanish
Created on 10/2/2009
Read from learning Spanish book to start picking up basic vocabulary ... read more
User CreatedLearn French
Created on 10/2/2009
Learn french by daily following Audio CDs ... read more
User CreatedGuitar
Created on 10/2/2009
Learn guitar by following Hal Leonard Guitar Method ... read more
User CreatedPainting
Created on 10/2/2009
Learn to paint by practicing daily ... read more
User CreatedPoetry
Created on 10/4/2009
Read Poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge and do exercises in book or free write poems. ... read more
User CreatedGeneral Writing Practice
Created on 10/4/2009
Practice writing by following Writing Down the Bones ... read more
User CreatedJournal Writing
Created on 10/4/2009
Read through journal writing books and write in journal daily. ... read more
User CreatedCooking
Created on 11/25/2009
Practice cooking daily as a way to improve skill and lower the weekly cost for food. Cook at least one meal a day. Optimally, alternating between breakfast lunch and dinner. Try to keep the average cost of a meal below $5. Pick a few meals that you lik ... read more
User CreatedDrawing - Drawspace
Created on 11/25/2009
Learn to draw by follwing the exercises on Drawspace http://www.drawspace.com/ Go through each of the exercises in order from beginner to advanced. Supplement your practice each week by doing at least one of your own drawings that is not an exercise. ... read more
User CreatedRefining Skill at Drawing
Created on 1/6/2010
Perhaps you used to enjoy drawing as a child, or took art courses in school, but later fell out of the habit of drawing. Talent at sketching requires practice, like any skill. I have found that the best way to improve as an artist is to make this practice ... read more
User CreatedYoga Breathing Exercises
Created on 1/6/2010
Breathing exercises that help in reducing weight: Inhale slowly as much as you can with both the nostrils and exhale slowly. Repeat it for 10 times. Inhale just for about a second and exhale pushing the stomach inside for another second. Repeat the pr ... read more
User CreatedLearn Japanese Hiragana Writing
Created on 1/6/2010
Learn the base symbols Go to the library or go online and get a chart of the hiragana character set. Each day, practice writing one different character by writing it 100 times on a sheet of paper. Each time you write the symbol, say its meaning out lou ... read more
User CreatedBecome a better runner in 4 weeks
Created on 1/6/2010
Week 1 Day 1 Run 1 minute, Walk 2. Repeat 15 times Day 2 Walk 45 minutes Day 3 Run 1 minute, Walk 2. Repeat 15 times Day 4 Run 1 minute, Walk 2. Repeat 15 times Day 5 Walk 45 minutes Day 6 Run 2 minute, Walk 1. Repeat 15 times Day 7 Rest ... read more
User CreatedPractice Piano
Created on 1/6/2010
To practice a song on piano, I typically start by attempting to play all the way through first. The speed does not matter. If I have to stop to read the notes, then I will stop. This allows me to get an overall feel for the piece and to identify the harde ... read more
User CreatedPractice Typing
Created on 1/6/2010
Typing is not only a way of communication but, it is also helpful for a fast brain flow of thoughts. I started learning to type about 5 years ago. All throughout high school I worked in the office or would pickup small typing jobs for people doing invitat ... read more
Use all your four fingers on string 1 (High E), starting from index finger on fret 1, middle finger on fret 2, ring finger on fret 3 and little finger on fret 4. Play as 1-2-3-4 and return as 4-3-2-1. Keep on repeating the process and go on increasing t ... read more
User CreatedWriting
Created on 1/6/2010
As an English major with a concentration in creative writing, I need to write regularly to hone and maintain my skills. Along with taking classes, I try to set aside at least an hour every night to just write what comes to my mind. I don't worry too muc ... read more
User CreatedStock Investing
Created on 1/6/2010
Learn stock investing The Intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham. The Warren buffet way by Robert G. Hagstrom. One up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher. The Dhandho Investor by Mohnish Pabrai. Re ... read more
User CreatedIncreasing Typing Speed
Created on 1/8/2010
Practice for 3-4 hours daily. Use all words. Typing the old sentence “Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” again and again works well. Select a random newspaper article and start typing. It shall let you practice different types of and commonly u ... read more
User CreatedBasic Cooking
Created on 1/8/2010
Cooking is not easy to do and it takes lots of care to learn cook. Basics of Cooking 1. First get a handle of food preparation and making sure all your ingredients are in order before starting to cook. 2. Use cooking books for reference and choose meals ... read more
User CreatedHow to improve your tennis skills
Created on 1/8/2010
Take 1 hour per day, 3 times per week to improve your tennis skills. First,if you are an amateur,it's very important to get a coach. You have to learn the basic technical movements. Everyone wants to learn fast,however,to achieve a good level you will nee ... read more
User CreatedLearn Spanish
Created on 1/8/2010
The following resources and tips will greatly help you in learning Spanish: 1- Firstly, get a good dictionary - either the one from Merriam-Webster's or Oxford. 2- “Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish” by Margarita Madrigal is one of the best books for Span ... read more
User CreatedTreadmill
Created on 1/8/2010
These days many doctors suggest regular physical activity for personal health. The advantages of using a treadmill is that it can help you lose weight and lower cholesterol as well as prevent other health problems that come from being sedentary. Another a ... read more
User CreatedDeveloping a Better Tennis Serve
Created on 1/8/2010
One of the hardest aspects of developing a good tennis game is improving your serve, but it is also one of the most important. The main thing is to practice your serve regularly. Get in the habit of going to the court three or four times a week for at l ... read more
User CreatedPracticing Story Writing
Created on 1/8/2010
1. The first step involved in writing stories is reading a lot of books, stories, historical books, newspapers, and journals. The library is best place to go to find all sorts of books that you can use for inspiration. The more you read, the better you ca ... read more
User CreatedHow to Sleep Earlier
Created on 1/8/2010
It is essential to get proper rest from the regular stresses you get during the day. To improve your health and performance it is ideal to get to bed early. A way I have found that helps is keeping an organizer of my daily tasks for the day. When you get ... read more
User CreatedP90X Fitness Regimen
Created on 1/8/2010
From personal experience, I can honestly say that the hardest part about this workout is actually starting it and creating the daily routine required to complete the program. I sat around with the discs for weeks before I actually said enough is enough, l ... read more
Something that I often try to improve is my interpersonal communication skills. Although when I was growing up I was shy and awkward in social situations, I've learned that through practice and study I can significantly improve my social skills. I have ... read more
User CreatedBowling
Created on 1/8/2010
To become a good bowler: Find out what ball is best for you whether it is urethane, poly-urethane, reactive, or plastic. Create your own bowling style that feels comfortable. Pick between a 4 or 5 step approach. A 5 step approach will mean you start o ... read more
User CreatedJogging on Treadmill
Created on 1/12/2010
This exercise is designed for the individual who hasn't worked out in several months. You will learn the most effective way to begin losing fat without overworking your body. If you're willing to put in the gradual work it takes over a 10 week period, th ... read more
User CreatedImprove your road cycling skills
Created on 1/12/2010
There are a wide variety of techniques and activities you can take on to improve your road cycling abilities. During the winter, connect your bike to a trainer, which will make it stationary. Begin by doing intervals and one legged pedaling to keep your p ... read more
User CreatedLearning how to cook as a beginner
Created on 1/12/2010
1. As a beginner, start with cooking the basic easy stuff like noodles and rice. It is very easy to cook these items and it would boost your confidence since success rate is quite high. 2. Select some good recipe books and understand a recipe thoroughly ... read more
User CreatedHow to Learn Yoga on Your Own
Created on 1/12/2010
Yoga is a way to prepare the body and mind to take day to day pressures in stride with little adverse effect on our physical and psychological health. This involves a regimen which broadly has three different parts. 1.Breathing exercises to help provide ... read more
User CreatedBuilding blog audience
Created on 2/22/2010
One of the skills I wanted to develop was to acquire an audience for my blog. I realized that readers expect information on a regular basis and that consistency and reliability can be more valuable than brilliant insights. The problem is that it is hard ... read more
User CreatedBecome a better Stratego player
Created on 2/22/2010
This is my personal plan I follow to become a better Stratego player. I play 5 times a week against online opponents for 2 hours a day. My goal each day is to come up with a setup for my pieces that plays well against my opponents. I start off with hav ... read more
Mechanical Turk can seem a little intimidating at first. It may also seem not worth the trouble to do tasks, only to earn a few cents. But, the following steps will show you how to make a reasonable amount of money within a few weeks. 1. The first step I ... read more
I have found a good way to improve piano skills. 1. Find a piece of music that you like, and that is not too complicated for your current skill level. (It can have a degree of difficulty for you, though) 2. Play the piece through as best you can with ha ... read more
1. First practice shooting. Start out close to the basket and try to make a basket. If successful, move farther away from the basket and try to successfully make another shot. Each time you make a shot, move a bit farther away from the basket until you ar ... read more
User CreatedLose ten extra pounds of fat
Created on 2/23/2010
First Week Plan Take a photo of myself (to compare the appearance after the session is over) No more beer Eat light diet Run 3 miles in the morning at least 3 times Stop driving for work. Riding the bike instead. Keep daily record of weight Secon ... read more
User CreatedTuning the guitar
Created on 2/23/2010
The best way to tune the guitar is to match the notes. Tune the High E (6th) string to Piano or Keyboard's E (preferably E5) note and then tune all the other strings from the immediate lower string e.g. tune B (5th) string from High E (6th) string by pl ... read more
User CreatedFive day typing practice
Created on 2/23/2010
One of the most sought after abilities in today's world is typing at a high speed. I have been using a computer and typing for nearly 12 years now. The things I have picked up along the way can be practiced as followed. Day 1 – Hand Placement Learn the ... read more
User CreatedExam study planning
Created on 2/23/2010
- First of all, understand the main subject of what you're going to study. Create a simple idea of what you have to learn, and why. - Then, read the whole book, underlying the most important words you encounter: this will be very important next time you ... read more
User CreatedHow to become better at writing
Created on 2/23/2010
These steps helped me: 1. Find things you enjoy writing about. You won't care much about what you're writing if you don't care about it. It's best to learn that way. 2. Proofread everything yourself before you use spell check. You won't learn letting ... read more
Learning how to play golf is a time consuming and frustrating process. However, if approached the right way, you can become a better golfer more quickly than you think. The key to scoring well on the golf course is short game. Therefore, it is vital no ... read more
Start by keeping a journal date and time each entry write about what you want, but suggestions are what you did today, thoughts you had, what your plans are for the near future. keep your journal with you so it's accessible for thought feel free to a ... read more
1. Listen to music you enjoy that will inspire you inside to potentially create something. The best art comes from your heart. 2. Write from your heart. Structure a song with a melody in your head and words on paper. 3. Practice your vocal technique. Tr ... read more
User CreatedLearn to How to Volunteer
Created on 2/24/2010
There are several ways to find volunteer work in your area. 1. You can ask friends or family members if they are currently involved with any volunteer work and ask them for information or suggestions. 2. Check out volunteer websites such as Volunteermatc ... read more
User CreatedPush-up improvement plan
Created on 2/24/2010
When you're just starting out, as with anything, it'll be important to start slow. Do simple easy regular push-ups, keeping your back rigid as you go up and down. 5-10 reps for about 5-10 sets a day is a perfectly acceptable pace for a beginner. Go as ... read more
1. Buy unique French products Online as gifts for your French Friends. 2. Invite your French friends to eat and ask him/her to explain the products to you. 3. Watch French Movies, Classics and New ones and try to study at least one scene per movie. 4. ... read more
User CreatedFinger precision: Guitar warm-ups
Created on 2/24/2010
A good way to practice your precision skills on the guitar is to play simple warm-ups consistently up and down the neck. A good one to practice is a simple 1-2-3-4 on the E string, then 1-2-3-4 on the next string above. Continue going up and down the fret ... read more
User CreatedCycling Exercise Plan
Created on 2/24/2010
I have recently moved to a rural area where there is little traffic, the land is extremely flat, and there are miles and miles of scenic back roads. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to get back to doing something that I loved to do when I ... read more
User CreatedPractice being social
Created on 2/25/2010
To get good at socializing is difficult for some people. Many can think this is a gift, either you have it or not. But, as any other skill, it can be practiced and improved. The first thing you must do is to get out of your comfort zone. If you are not g ... read more
User CreatedLearn to paint with acrylics
Created on 2/25/2010
The process of teaching myself to paint with acrylics has taken years, and has gone through many stages. Fortunately, I was not inhibited by the notion that there is any right or wrong way to create art. I started out by using pattern, including embroid ... read more
User CreatedBeginner Flute Practice
Created on 2/25/2010
Purchase a beginner flute if you are first starting out. Take out the mouthpiece first. Practice adjusting your lips on the mouthpiece and begin to blow fast air through it. Once you can produce a sound, add the two other body parts of the flute onto ... read more
User CreatedRaise your free throw percentage
Created on 2/25/2010
Free throw shooting is about consistency, and requires dedication to get the mechanics down. To improve it is good to dedicate at least 1 hour a day on the court shooting free throws. Shoot in sets of ten and keep note of the number made. Keep trying to ... read more
Chess is an ancient strategic board game for two players. It is played on an 8x8 black and white checkered board with two sets of pieces, one white, one black. Here are steps to learning for absolute beginners. Have a complete chess set with you as you go ... read more
User CreatedExercise with Wii Fit
Created on 2/25/2010
I regularly play on my Wii Fit, it's a nice way of keeping in shape during the winter months or when I simply feel like staying inside. Practicing on it is very simple, it even helps you and encourages you to your goals. Choose a time in which you're fr ... read more
User CreatedDancing
Created on 2/25/2010
If dancing is something that you are really passionate about, just dance at every opportunity possible. Be it at social functions or at home, just let your hair down and dance. Practice dancing in front of a full length mirror and in tune with the music ... read more
User CreatedLearn to Create 3D Objects
Created on 2/26/2010
You can learn to make very intricate animated 3D objects by starting very simply. There are free virtual worlds that offer 3D programs for use, as well as free-trial downloads you can explore. Once you become comfortable with creating and manipulating bas ... read more
User CreatedDrawing Daily
Created on 2/26/2010
1. Drawing is an art, inbuilt talent that is present in every one, but only a few bring out that talent and show it to the world. 2. One should be very sharp , creative in order to draw, and do artistic work. 3. Practice everyday by drawing something t ... read more
User CreatedKettle Bells for Elite Performance
Created on 2/26/2010
My personal interest is maintaining a healthy body to allow me to perform like a professional athlete but I refuse to spend more 10 minutes a day to achieve this goal. So I have found that the sport of kettle bells can deliver these results or better in ... read more
User CreatedPractice Playing Pool
Created on 2/26/2010
There are many sports and hobbies out there, but pool is certainly one of those which is based on more than just skill, requiring not only the proper technique of hitting the ball, but also coming up with ideas of continuing plays. In order to improve you ... read more
User CreatedMemorizing
Created on 2/26/2010
Being able to memorize and recall is a skill and needs a lot of practice. Some people are blessed with excellent ability to grasp and retain information, whereas some others need to read, listen and repeat the information to be able to retain it in their ... read more
User CreatedRide your bike to work
Created on 3/1/2010
I like to ride my bike to work every day in order to stay in shape and save money on gas, parking, and public transit. Here are some tips to get you started: 1. Don't work harder than you have to! Make sure your tires are full of air before you start and ... read more
User CreatedSaving money shopping online
Created on 3/1/2010
Shopping online can be fun, easy, and best of all a deal of great savings! Searching for coupon codes online is the easiest way to save a couple dollars on any item you want to buy. Search engines can help greatly with finding coupon codes, or printable c ... read more
User CreatedBalancing Budget Exercise
Created on 3/1/2010
Last year, I decided that the best way to save money was to develop a budget and stick to it. Here is was I did to make that happen. 1. I made a list of all income sources (wages, interest income, etc.). 2. I made a list of all major expenditure categor ... read more
User CreatedRepair your bicycle
Created on 3/1/2010
I've been learning to repair my bicycle. Once a week I attend a free workshop at my local bike shop, where they cover a specific problem each time. During the week, I make sure to reread my notes from the workshop; I take notes by hand and then retype the ... read more
User CreatedPlay poker
Created on 3/1/2010
I'm a big fan of poker, but for the longest time, I was terrible at it. I'd play, and do my best to learn from my mistakes, but as much as I would try, I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. My issue at that point was that I was playing online, and ... read more
User CreatedHow to keep fit at home
Created on 3/1/2010
Items Needed: Core Rhythms or Zumba DVD (you may be able to rent them at your video store or the library) Space to exercise TV/Monitor DVD Player/Computer Comfortable (preferably moisture wicking) workout clothes Set Up A Realistic Workout Schedule: ... read more
User CreatedTwo day chest and back workout
Created on 3/1/2010
Take a days rest between each day. Take two days off after two cycles Day 1 Chest: Seated iso wide chest bench press 3-5 sets 10 - 15 repetitions Incline dumbbell press 3-5 sets 10 - 15 repetitions Cable crossovers 3-5 sets 10 - 15 repetitions Flye ... read more
User CreatedPractice singing
Created on 3/1/2010
In order to train my skills in singing I did the following: At home: 1. I bought harmonium. 2. I started playing the harmonium and trained myself to sync my voice with it. 3. I usually practiced 30- 45 minutes in morning and evening. 4. In order to kee ... read more
User CreatedSalsa Dancing
Created on 3/1/2010
1. Dedicate 1 hour each day to learn the dance form. 2. Take up dance lessons or watch videos of professional salsa dancers online. 3. Start with the basic moves and watch each move closely to understand the technique. 4. Practice the moves everyday ... read more
User CreatedPainting Exercise
Created on 3/1/2010
Well I've been an avid fan of painting and sketching since I was in prep school, but being fond of something doesn't necessarily make you good at it. The key to mastering a discipline such as painting is by practicing it professionally and regularly. Th ... read more
User CreatedImprove your golf game
Created on 3/1/2010
Joining the PGA Tour is something that few people will ever achieve, but with a diligent practice plan, most people can develop the skills to look good, play great rounds, and have fun with the game of golf. If you are new to golf, the first thing I'd su ... read more
User CreatedStart a small business
Created on 3/1/2010
1. Any business you start you should have enough money so that there is no need to take out a loan.. 2. Whatever business you start, it should legal in your country. 3. One needs to fullfil the all the legal and statutory requirements and laws of the la ... read more
User CreatedSaving on grocery shopping
Created on 3/1/2010
I am always trying to pinch pennies where ever I can, so every Monday I flip through all the grocery store ads and pick where I am going to go for the best deals. I have three stores that I go to each week and they are all within two miles of each other ... read more
User CreatedAudio editing
Created on 3/1/2010
Getting into a daily regimen is the most efficient way to get on the path to learning a new skill. The skill I wanted to learn was audio editing. One day, I simply decided that I finally wanted to take the time to learn about audio editing and production. ... read more
People think learning to play the guitar is difficult and needs a trained teacher. Well, the fact is this need not be so. If you have a good ear for music, you can learn to play any instrument by yourself provided you are dedicated towards it and determin ... read more
User CreatedMile run routine
Created on 3/2/2010
I have a steady routine I use to become a better runner. I start off each morning besides Sunday where I take a 15 minute jog in my neighborhood. After I finish warming up I precede to the next step which is taking a 10 minute break and then exercising ... read more
User CreatedStarting tennis
Created on 3/2/2010
Tennis is a game that requires physical and mental endurance. For beginners, the best bet may be simple tennis lessons. But, If you don't have the money or time for lessons there are other options you can choose to learn and become proficient at the game ... read more
User CreatedJuggling 3 balls
Created on 3/2/2010
Juggling is a fantastic way to get exercise while having fun. Juggling requires balance and coordination, as well as arm strength. Proper juggling stance is athletic, with a flexed core and slightly bent knees. In addition, this exercise is fun to prac ... read more
User CreatedRisk board game
Created on 3/2/2010
Since I was a kid I have always wanted to be good at the game of risk. I knew I needed to create a system for myself to become a better player and dominate the competition so I came up with a strategy. 4 nights a week I play against online opponents wher ... read more
I started out pretty bad at home improvement. I didn't know a planer from a crowbar. Since moving away from home though, I've discovered that I can't just stay ignorant, and have to step up to take responsibility. I've taken it on myself to start and fini ... read more
Switching your family to a healthier way of eating starts when you prepare your grocery shopping list. At first you might have to make more trips than you are accustomed to since you'll want to include more fresh items and fewer frozen and processed foods ... read more
User CreatedStudying Japanese Kanji
Created on 3/3/2010
The first thing you need is a list of all the kanji, separated by grade level. Start with the lowest grade you need to study, work your way up. Week one: Day one: Choose fifteen to twenty Kanji. I use Tuttle's kanji cards. Separate the kanji into gro ... read more
User CreatedHow to Learn Guitar
Created on 3/3/2010
Purchase your guitar: Pick one that feels right to you.( Don't worry about what you think is cool.) Go into a music store and look around and try many guitars out. Learning the Basics: Learn how to properly hold the guitar and get comfortable doing it ... read more
User CreatedClay Art
Created on 3/3/2010
The way to start is to attend workshops. Do this preferably once a week for a few months (2 or 3) to gain confidence. On the internet, watch videos of other techniques, a few times a week. Practice 2 or 3 times a week. Also, practice with someone else ... read more
User CreatedMastering the Saxophone
Created on 3/3/2010
Learn the Basics Get the right equipment. Student models are not always the best choice. I would recommend the Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone or similar, as the professional models last longer and you sound so much better on them. Although it's not neces ... read more
User CreatedPlan for becoming a Knitting Fool
Created on 4/6/2010
Phase One 1.Head out to your local yarn shop. You could also head to a Michael's Crafts or other big chain shop if there are no local yarn stores in your area. 2.Proceed to look at and touch any and every skein of yarn you find there! Pick a yarn that ... read more
User CreatedWalking Plan
Created on 4/6/2010
Begin to make walking an important part of your daily activity. Start by making yourself walk a little each day. Buy a pedometer so you can see how far you walk. Increase the amount each day. Instead of driving to do daily chores such as grocery sho ... read more
User CreatedPracticing magic tricks
Created on 4/6/2010
A personal interest of mine is performing magic tricks for friends and family. Although magic tricks may have a reputation of being dorky, nobody can argue that a good trick executed well will bring smiles to even the hardest of hearts. But as with all th ... read more
User CreatedSpend time balancing budget
Created on 4/6/2010
1. Make a complete list of the things that are absolute necessary and those that can be compromised. 2. Make a monthly budget out of the earnings after keeping aside money for necessary savings and ongoing investments. 3. Allocate your monthly budget to ... read more
Even before the current economic downturn made bargain-shopping fashionable, I've been a devotee of second-hand store scavenging! I call it scavenging because the art of finding great deals on used goods combines the skills and thrills of a scavenger hunt ... read more
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