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I'm the co-founder of Disciplanner. If you need help or have ideas on how we can help you reach your goals, feel free to email me - We're here to help you reach your goals!
Social Media, Fitness, New Music, Bacon
Biggest Goal
Half Marathon
Greatest Accomplishment
Running 16 miles
Biggest Vice
Chicken wings
User CreatedGain Marketing Savvy
Created on 10/19/2009
10 minutes a day at each of these 3 sites and you'll own Google before you know it: If you’re looking to expand your marketing knowledge, stay on top of trends and learn about cutting edge technology and social media, this is the plan for you! Spend a m ... read more
User CreatedFind a Job Now!
Created on 11/14/2009
Conduct an Effective Job Search This exercise will provide you with the necessary resources to find a job. With unemployment at 10.2% and jobs scarce, it takes time everyday to hunt for a job. Before you begin your search, make sure to reach out to eve ... read more
User CreatedNew Year's Resolutions
Created on 11/16/2009
Finally keep up with your New Year's resolutions! We all know keeping up with your New Year's resolution is no picnic. Use Disciplanner to start plotting your New Year's resolution BEFORE January 1st! Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Wri ... read more
Three Style Necessities for the Everyman You want to look good but have no aspiration to be GQ’s hunk of the month. There’s a way to find some middle ground. Stick to this simple plan and you’ll be able to impress with ease: Tide to Go Pen - http://bit.l ... read more
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